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Asus is one of the most popular laptop brands around and is a common choice for people looking to buy a new laptop. But, Asus laptops can degrade their performance due to overuse. Contact us if the device is running slow or taking time to reboot. We will resolve these critical technical glitches in minutes.

Laptop Repair Dubai is a leading service provider that strives for excellence. Moreover, we have a team of experts who can repair every Asus laptop part. Whether you need to replace the screen or audio ports, we are there to assist. Our professionals have experience in:

  • Asus Zenbook series repair
  • Asus Vivobook series repair
  • Asus ROG laptop repair

Besides, we ensure our customers get on-time assistance in Asus laptop repair Dubai. Thus, if you are looking for reliable experts for Asus laptop repairing near you, we can be your ultimate bet. So, book our services and repair the device from certified technicians.


Asus Laptop Repair Dubai Services, We Offer

Is the laptop screen flickering? Are the device’s audio speakers making a crackling sound? Hire our Asus Zenbook series repair expert without further delay. Our service centre in Dubai repairs all Asus devices.

From battery replacement to tech support, we can take care of it all in no time. Fill out our booking form or call us about the issue. Based on that, we will connect you with the professionals who fit the job.

Here are the Asus laptop repair Dubai services you can trust us with:

Hard Disk Replacement

Asus laptops fail to work properly after the hard disk failure. Thus, hire our Asus Vivobook series repair experts when you detect any sign of HDD damage. We will opt for a thorough inspection of the hard disk and replace it if required. Mention the laptop model while booking our services and get a compatible hard disk for the laptop.

Most Asus laptops feature an HDD and SSD. At our Asus laptop service center Dubai, we can replace both. Moreover, our technicians can identify the sign of hard disk failures. We have been dealing with a faulty laptop hard disk for years. Thus, you can rely on us anytime to get the ultimate support. If the Asus laptop is displaying BSOD errors, replace the hard disk with our assistance.

Software Support

At Laptop Repair Dubai, we also offer impeccable software support services. Can’t update the Asus laptop’s software? Is the device showing an error message when installing the latest Windows OS? We can resolve these software glitches without any downtime. Our Asus ROG laptop repair experts ensure the device runs without software issues. Book us to get the best software support for Asus laptops.

Our software support services include new product installation. We provide support for custom applications or infrastructure software. Besides, our Asus TUF laptop repair Dubai experts offer instant virus removal services. We can even help you to install software on a new laptop. Additionally, you can get remote support from us to fix the software bugs.

Data Transfer

Do you want to transfer all the data from the existing laptop to the new one? Call us, and we will do that for you. Our experts use advanced data transfer methods. Moreover, we can move or backup data to Cloud storage applications. Book our service if you want to restore the important email attachments to the laptop. Our professionals will transfer them safely within minutes.

Sharing large files might be difficult and time-consuming. We can transfer the 1TB audio or video files quickly in Asus laptops. Moreover, we can help you to store important data on different storage devices. Protect the data from cyber criminals by transferring them to a safe location on time.

No Power

Asus laptops can fail to turn on for several reasons. A faulty motherboard can trigger this problem in the device. The laptop will display a black screen if there is an insufficient charge. Connect the device to the power adapter and try to turn it on after a few minutes. If the Asus laptop is still not powering on, it requires servicing. Schedule an appointment with us to eliminate the problem immediately.

Moreover, our Asus laptop service center Dubai experts have the skill to fix unresponsive laptops. We will inspect the device thoroughly and look for faulty parts. Apart from the motherboard, a damaged battery can prevent the laptop from turning on. Thus, our prime responsibility is to check these units first. We will replace them if there is any wear and tear.

Water-Damage Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair Dubai offers fast assistance for water-damaged Asus laptops. Our Asus laptop repair Dubai experts can retrieve devices from liquid damage cases. We ensure these laptops are diagnosed properly to prevent further damage. Corrosion, if left untreated, can cause damage to laptops. This is why we provide our utmost attention when repairing water-damaged units.

Have you accidentally spilt water on your laptop? The fluid inside the laptop can burn up the circuit. Avail the emergency services of our Asus laptop service center Dubai. We will look for signs of damage and replace the faulty parts within a stipulated time.

Body Fix & Hinges Repair

Asus laptops can withstand accidental damages. However, if the damage is severe, you have to hire our professionals to repair the laptop body. Most Asus laptop users tend to buy new devices after mishaps. But, why will you buy a new laptop when you can fix the existing one with our assistance? Our Asus Vivobook series Repair can help you to get every laptop body part fixed. So, connect with us and save the costly repair expenses.

Did you break the Asus laptop’s hinges? Are you looking for experts for an Asus laptop repair near you to fix the loose hinges? Consider booking our exclusive services. We will replace or adjust the broken hinges of Asus devices. Mention the model number and get the high-quality laptop hinges from us.

Diagnosis: General Support

Is the Asus laptop stuck in the boot loop? Hire our technicians for an instant system diagnosis. We will opt for a hardware check to acknowledge the device’s hardware condition. Our Asus ROG laptop repair experts will diagnose the HDD, battery and even fan. We will look for the keyboard or touchpad failure signs. If we find these units faulty, we will repair them immediately.

Don’t deal with a slow Asus laptop. Instead, get in touch with Laptop Repair Dubai. We will improve its performance by diagnosing it on time. Moreover, our laptop diagnosis services cover the following issues:

  • Blue screen of death error
  • Wireless connectivity issues
  • Driver errors
  • System not responding
  • Slow boot time
  • Battery-associated problems

Why Choose Us - Asus Laptop Repair Dubai experts?

Laptop Repair Dubai offers a one-stop solution for every Asus laptop issue. We offer guaranteed Asus TUF laptop repair Dubai services. Moreover, we opt for a preliminary analysis before repairing the damaged laptop parts.

Here are more reasons why we are preferred for repairing laptops:

  • We never compromise with the quality of Asus ROG laptop repair services.
  • Our professionals use only advanced tools to fix the broken laptop units.
  • All the Asus laptop repair Dubai works are carried out under expert supervision.
  • We ensure you get OEM parts for the Asus laptops.
  • Our professionals provide utmost importance to all our client's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace or repair the Asus laptop’s broken body parts?

We have expertise in repairing all kinds of Asus laptop body parts. Moreover, our Asus Zenbook series repair experts also provide quality body parts. We ensure the broken Asus laptop body is fixed within 30 minutes. Spend only AED 400 to AED 450 to repair the laptop body. Moreover, our Asus TUF laptop repair Dubai experts can repair keyboards and ports.

Do you offer doorstep facilities for Asus laptop repair services?

At Laptop Repair Dubai, we offer doorstep Asus laptop repair Dubai services. You don’t have to visit our service center to repair the laptop. Once you complete the booking process, we will arrive at your mentioned location to fix the issue. Call us if you need an instant Asus Zenbook series repair or Asus ROG laptop repair. We will help you to get the best service at an affordable price.

Can you replace the faulty motherboard from the Asus laptops?

We can replace the dead or water-damaged motherboards from Asus laptops. Moreover, our professionals can detect when the motherboard is about to fail. If the Asus laptop is failing to boot, hire our experts. Because, this is a clear indication of motherboard failure.

Besides, hardware and BIOS errors indicate the Asus laptop has a faulty motherboard. If the device is running slow, it could be due to the damaged motherboard. It could generate more issues if you don’t replace the motherboard on time. Thus, contact our experts to replace this laptop unit immediately.

How much does it cost to replace the laptop screen?

It takes only AED 40 to AED 50 to replace the broken screen with our assistance. However, the charge might vary depending on the extent of the damage. We will check the Asus laptop’s screen condition first. Our technicians will let you know about the service cost after the inspection. Mention the screen type and the issue you are experiencing with the laptop.

How to request a service from Laptop Repair Dubai?

You must follow a few simple steps to request services from us. Use the search bar to choose the service you are looking for. Answer the related questions and get a free quote. If you want to give us any additional details about the laptop glitch, call our support team. Besides, you can also chat with them to get instant support. They are available round the clock to help you out.

How much does it take to replace the faulty hard disk from laptops?

We charge a reasonable price for hard disk replacement at Laptop Repair Dubai. Our hard disk replacement charge ranges from AED 480 to AED 500. However, the service cost might increase if you install an SSD over an HDD. Contact our customer service team to know the exact cost of Asus laptop repair Dubai service.

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We understand the risks involved with a laptop repair. Thus, our associate professionals of laptop services in Dubai are trained to mitigate every critical issue related to a laptop. Additionally, they will take the utmost care of your valuable laptop while repairing or replacing the broken parts. And, being the most chosen laptop repair service centre, we even offer guaranteed replaceable parts for the laptops. If it is a port or speaker, We Fix it all!